Saturday, 6 October 2012

Verb Participle As Epithet Or Classifier

Halliday & Matthiessen (2004: 322):
Often the participle is itself further modified … What is happening here is that some part of the experiential structure of the clause is being downgraded to function as Epithet or Classifier; it is a reduced form of a non-finite clause and hence agnate to a (finite or non-finite) Qualifier.

Functions Of Verbs In The Nominal Group

Halliday & Matthiessen (2004: 321):
… words of the class verb … may function as Epithet or Classifier. Verbs function in the nominal group in one of two forms:
(i) present (active) participle …
(ii) past (passive, or intransitive) participle …

Word Class: Nominal

Halliday & Matthiessen (2004: 320-1):
These word classes — noun (= common noun), adjective, numeral and determiner — are all different kinds of noun; they are subclasses of this one primary class. This larger class are [sic] sometimes referred to as ‘nominals’, to avoid confusion with ‘noun’ in its narrower, more specific sense.

Typical Word Classes Realising Nominal Group Functions

Halliday & Matthiessen (2004: 320):
The classes of word which most typically realise these functions are as follows:
Deictic: determiner; Deictic2: adjective; Numerative: numeral; Epithet: adjective; Classifier: noun or adjective; Thing: noun
But there are other possibilities: eg numeral occurring as Classifier … or embedded nominal group as possessive Deictic